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we are an award winning multi talented design duo based in southend on sea, combining our experiences in design and building to form an extensive knowledge base mixed with an intense attention to detail.


here at we believe that outdoor spacial design is key to creating the perfect outdoor environment. you can have the most creative planting in the world, but it will not shine to its true potential unless the flow of the space is correctly planned. thus we meticulously plan each space to suit the building, the surroundings and the intended use and complement it with beautiful naturalistic planting following our passion of promoting and creating sustainable biodiverse gardens.


our philosophy is simple; to create and define outdoor spaces that are achievable, realistic and manageable.


let us redefine your outdoor space | features

  • spacial design
  • hand drawn scaled designs
  • planting plans
  • planting advice
  • surveying
  • organisation
  • garden maintenance
  • one off commissions
  • water features
  • seating
  • lighting
  • walls
  • gates
  • fences
  • irrigation | philosophy

  • simple
  • clean
  • sophisticated
  • realistic
  • affordable
  • manageable