10. December 2017
Been busy making a copper Christmas wreath this morning, for the front door. Kind of looks like a dead pine tree from a distance!
23. November 2017
This afternoon attended the google #digitaldrive event hosted by #twentyone (who did a super job) On my journey there; I laughed at my very long shadow, marvelled at the choppy sea, admired the blue sky against the curves of the southend viewing platform and finally I soaked up the evening sun on my way home.
21. November 2017
I absolutely love the texture of this metal storage box highlighted by the sinking sun.
19. November 2017
Soaking up the last of the sun’s rays on a glorious sunday afternoon...
12. November 2017
I so enjoy sketching, drawing and colouring designs. It is my most favourite part of the design process and all done by my hand, horrah for me
02. November 2017
Trimming, cutting and tidying. This little garden looked all the better for it and even the bees kept me company while I worked 🐝
28. October 2017
Amazing sunset tonight. No filter needed here
27. October 2017
I write a lot about RHS Hyde Hall, but then I am there a lot and there is always so much to see. I just love the expanse of open ground and the stunning views from the top in the amazing dry garden, not to mention the view while hanging upside down.
29. August 2017
Beautiful, charming, irresistable. Brittany just keeps calling us back time and time again and each time we discover something new.
01. June 2017
It was heavenly

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